Visiting 7th Street in Melville, Johannesburg

This is my favourite place in Johannesburg, not only because I celebrated my 21st birthday there but for obvious reasons. 

Happy hour at SIX Cocktail bar start at 12 midday till 19h00. 

After we started our day at SIX cocktail bar we went bargain shopping, from charity stores to antique stores you will find what you’re looking. I bought Polaroid paper for my Instax for next to nothing. The one charity store also serves as a rescue home for cats, which I am not a fan of, and it smelled of cat urine.

We walked in Melville the whole day and stopped at the restaurants to have snacks or drinks. 

One of my favourites was The Ant Cafe, their decor was unique and you could sit outside, we did not because the tables were reserved but inside was great. The manager did warn us that we must not leave bags and or cellphones on tables.

We had R&R’s (Raspberry and Rum) at Xai-Xai, which has a Mozambique atmosphere, you can even order Mozambique beer 2M there! They were incredibly cheap. 

Across from Xai-Xai is Hell’s Kitchen, which is rated high on Zomato. And I could not resist trying it! 

Next to Hell’s Kitchen is La Santa Muerte. We were almost dying of hunger so we had pizzas and nachos! Hands down the best nanchos I ever ate. 

I would definitely do this again, I love Melville because there are so much to do there. I could recommend taking Uber and not your own car. For your car’s safety as well as your own. But I need to add there are carguards. Until we meet again Melville💜


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